The Slovak studio is developing a game in the spirit of GTA in the setting of Eastern Europe in the dashing 90s


Developers from Team Vivat will soon release their project into early access on Steam.

The game was called Vivat Slovakia. It will be a 3rd person crime action game set in the Slovak capital Bratislava in the 1990s after the collapse of Czechoslovakia.

In Vivat Slovakia, users will be invited to take part in the criminal life of the capital, completing several dozen story tasks based on real events. It is known that the area of the gaming location will be about 10 square meters. km, and the vehicle fleet will be represented by over 30 authentic transport models.

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The game will be released into early access on April 18, the project can be added to your wishlist on Steam. A full release should take place in 6-12 months.

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