Racing arcade based on Bloodborne released on Steam


The parody project finally made it to release, despite Sony’s outrage.

The arcade racing game Nightmare Kart has retro visuals in the style of the PS1 games. The game was originally called Bloodborne Kart and was based on such famous titles as Bloodborne and Mario Kart. The game has recognizable bosses, more than two dozen racers, one and a half dozen types of vehicles and many tracks, as well as a local multiplayer mode with split screen.

Nightmare Kart was developed by the team of game designer Lilith Walter. Initially, the project was of a comic nature, but later it grew into a full-fledged game. The race was supposed to be released in January this year, but the release was delayed due to complaints from Sony. The development team had to change a number of elements, in particular, the name was changed and the character models were slightly redesigned. Nightmare Kart is currently available on Steam and for free.

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