The debut teaser for the new Call of Duty has been released


It is expected that this will be the next installment in the Black Ops franchise. The shooter should be released this year.

The debut teaser for the new Call of Duty has been released

Apparently, Activision has launched an advertising campaign for Call of Duty Black Ops. The portal was discovered on the Internet, where there is a mysterious teaser that supposedly advertises the game. In the video, a group of people walk to the monument with US presidents on Mount Rushmore in the dark and cover the eyes of the portraits with the words “The Truth Lies”.

It is likely that the project will be officially announced at the Xbox Games Showcase event, which begins on June 9. According to rumors, the next Black Ops will have the subtitle Gulf War. The events of the title will take place in the 90s during the military conflict in the Persian Gulf. The shooter is being developed by Treyarch studio.

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