A popular YouTube blogger literally recreated an action scene from GTA in reality, but made a mistake: for this he can go to prison for 10 years


An interesting video was posted last year.

Quite a popular YouTube blogger Alex Choi, who has a base of 925 thousand subscribers on his channel, performed negatively last year. The thing is that he made a video of his own Lamborghini Huracan supercar escaping from the police chasing him in a helicopter and shooting fireworks at the car. For this, Alex Choi could go to prison for up to 10 years. All this looks like the crazy scenes from GTA.

The filming of the ill-fated video took place at the bottom of the dry lake El Mirage in California. The blogger did not have permission to film from the Civil Aviation Authority in this location. In addition, the use of fireworks is prohibited in the state, and Alex Choi brought them from Nevada.

At the moment, the blogger is free on bail of $50 thousand. The trial will begin on July 2.

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