A full-fledged detailed Vault set was built for the Fallout series


The head of Bethesda Games, Todd Howard, spoke about this.

A full-fledged detailed Vault set was built for the Fallout series

According to a Bethesda executive, the production team tried to make the environment as detailed as possible to maintain the ambiance. Initially, Howard thought that the creators of the series would limit themselves to a small number of sets of the Vault, and more graphics would be used in post-production, but he turned out to be wrong. In fact, the authors built a real Vault with a lot of small details that you might not even notice on the screen while watching. So, Howard moved around the Vault, went into the Overseer’s office and found a folder with documents that contained a report on the use of electricity at the facility.

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One way or another, many details of the series ended up behind the scenes. However, actress Ella Purnell, who played Lucy, said that this level of elaboration of the environment helped to better get used to the character. The attention to detail was also liked by the audience, including one of the authors of the very first Fallout part, Tim Kane – he often looked at the surrounding details, forgetting about the dialogues between the characters.

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