Zombie Waves Mod APK 3.4.9 (Unlimited money)

Zombie Waves Mod APK 3.4.9 (Unlimited money)

Zombie games are a dime a dozen, but Zombie Waves APK stands out thanks to its captivating art style and unique gameplay. As a zombie shooter, you must defend your base from relentless waves of zombies with many weapons, equipment, and special abilities.

You will navigate a world overrun by the undead, where your tenacity and combat skills will be tested in fierce battles against relentless opponents. As such, you must unleash maximum firepower on the undead lest you succumb to their overwhelming numbers.

While you will start with basic weapons, you can upgrade your arsenal as you progress. This is particularly critical given the sheer number of zombies you’ll encounter. Besides, you’ll face unforgiving bosses along the way, and you must be prepared to bring your A-game.

The game also features in-game currency that comes in handy when you need to upgrade your weapons or purchase special abilities. That said, Zombie Waves MOD APK for Android guarantees an authentic zombie shooter experience.

Zombie Waves APK – Background Story

The game features a gripping story that will keep you on the edge of your seat. In Zombie Waves, you must protect survivors from zombie hordes while trying to uncover the truth behind their sudden uprising.

You are thrown amid all this chaos as an elite soldier tasked with holding off wave after wave of relentless zombies. As such, you must demonstrate unwavering courage and valor as you battle for the survival of mankind.

The ever-evolving narrative keeps things fresh as you progress through the game. With each mission, new plot points unfold, and your anticipation will keep increasing with every victory. Zombie Waves APK is undoubtedly a zombie shooter like no other.

Download Zombie Waves MOD APK for Android and take the zombie apocalypse head-on. Showcase your combat prowess in intense battle sessions, upgrade your weapons & abilities, and unravel the mystery behind the zombie outbreak. The future of humanity is in your hands.

Super Intense Gameplay with Incredible Suspense

This game is severely intense, with hordes of zombies always hot on your heels. You will be fighting for survival and using everything at your disposal to stay alive. From firebombs to devastating cannons, you have a wide range of firepower that you can use to take down zombie waves.

Fortunately, the game has an intuitive control system you will quickly become accustomed to. It requires a combination of precision, reflexes, and strategic thinking to survive the hordes. You must eliminate all zombies while preventing them from overwhelming your base – no easy feat!

Using your resources efficiently is also key since ammunition can run out during intense battles. This calls for tactical decisions that could lead to victory or ruin. As you progress through the game, the zombie waves will become increasingly difficult, and you must be ready for anything.

Overall, the game will take you on an epic zombie adventure. It’ll challenge your reflexes, test your problem-solving skills, and keep you on the edge of your seat all through. Download Zombie Waves APK for Android and prepare to become a zombie-slaying legend.

Other Exceptional Features of Zombie Waves APK

  • Prove Your Enemies Wrong. This battle won’t be easy as you progress, but showing your enemies that you are not afraid to fight for your survival is critical. Prove them wrong with every wave of zombies that you take down.
  • Innovative Rewards System. The game offers a generous rewards system to ensure there’s something extra in it for those who brave the zombie onslaught. Complete missions, reach certain levels, and unlock rewards for your efforts.
  • Realistic 3D Graphics. Zombie Waves APK has realistic 3D graphics that make you feel like you’re in a real-life zombie apocalypse. Experience the horrors of the undead up close and personal as they come to life on your screen.
  • Build a Buff System. The developer was fair enough to include a buff system to help you survive during the tougher battles. You can choose from various buffs (such as Apollo) to make your character stronger & more capable of taking down zombie waves. Each has different speed and attack capabilities.
  • One-Handed Controls. This game was designed to be playable with one hand. You can control your character and execute deadly attacks with ease, allowing you to focus on the task instead of fumbling around the menus.
  • Diverse Enemies. Zombie Waves APK features an array of enemy types – from regular zombies to mutants. Each enemy type has unique characteristics and attack patterns, making for intense and unpredictable battles.
  • Create Powerful Synergies. You’ll have access to 100+ roguelite skills & abilities to create powerful synergies and become a formidable force against the zombie apocalypse. Ensure you have enough juice to take on the undead by crafting new combos and upgrading your weapons.
  • Highly Diverse Arsenal. As earlier indicated, this game is no slouch when it comes to weapons. You’ll have access to an arsenal of firearms, explosives, blades & other tools that you can use to take out the zombie menace. They include crossbows, boreas, railguns, and other sophisticated weapons.

System Requirements & Additional Information

This game epitomizes the easy-to-learn, difficult-to-master mantra. You can easily play it on any device with Android 8.1 or higher installed. It’s available in the Google Play Store, the Apple App Store, and any other reliable third party.

However, the game contains ads & in-app purchases. While you can do without the in-game currency, you will regularly see the ads, unless you buy the ad-removal option.

In terms of size, this game is only 242MB, making it relatively easy to download & install. You’ll also need a stable internet connection for the best gaming experience (2GB+ RAM is recommended).

Overall, the Zombie Waves MOD APK download is well worth it if you’re looking for a thrilling zombie survival game. It is the ultimate test of tenacity, perseverance, and skill. Download it now & enjoy an intense zombie-slaying experience.

How to Play the Zombie Waves Game? Tips and Tricks

  • Utilize Cover. Take advantage of any cover during the zombie wave battles. The zombies may be relentless, but they aren’t invincible. Use the environment & whatever other tools to annihilate them.
  • Experiment with Skills and Combos. This game features numerous skills and abilities, allowing you to create powerful synergies and deadly combos. Don’t be afraid to experiment!
  • Exploiting Zombie Weaknesses. Take the time to study your enemy’s weaknesses and exploit them when the opportunity arises. This is essential for surviving the toughest zombie waves.
  • Keep your Ammo and Health in Check. Always pay attention to your ammo and health. When either runs low, ensure you retreat and restock before jumping back into the fray.
  • Choose Your Buffs Wisely. The buff system is a massive part of this game. Ensure you choose the right ones for your character, and don’t be afraid to switch them up during battles.
  • Take Advantage of Power-Ups. Whenever you come across a power-up, take advantage of it. These can turn the tide of battle in your favor and help you survive even the toughest zombie waves.
  • Don’t Give Up. Even in the most hopeless scenario, there may be a way out. Keep fighting, and don’t give up until you emerge victorious.


If you love zombie shooter games, download Zombie Waves APK and experience the thrill of surviving a zombie apocalypse. With its 100+ skills & abilities, high-powered weapons, and intense battles, there is no shortage of excitement.

Even better, this game only requires one hand and is easy to learn and master. It even has a buff system that allows you to customize your character and make them superior.

Thanks to its small size and over-the-top zombie action, Zombie Waves MOD APK is the perfect game for anyone looking for an intense and thrilling gaming experience. Download it now and begin the zombie slaughter.

What's new update

1. Campaign Stages extended to level 80.2. Added Weapon Tryout for Rifle - Christmas3. Daily shop updated with new items.4. Optimized ad loading.5. Added new collectibles.6. Updated events.7. Other optimizations and bug fixes.

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Mod Info

  • MOD Menu
  • Unlimited Exp Robot Use
  • Unlimited Money
  • God Mode

App Info
  • App Name Zombie Waves
  • Package Name com.ddup.zombiewaves.zw
  • Publisher Fun Formula
  • Updated
  • Version 3.4.4
  • Mod Info Menu/Unlimited Money/God Mode
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