Tornadoes and hurricanes are likely to appear in GTA 6


Information about the appearance of weather phenomena in the game was found in a note from the game developer.

Tornadoes and hurricanes are likely to appear in GTA 6

Sonny Blyth, who develops software for GTA 6 at Rockstar Games, accidentally leaked a fragment of instructions to employees. Apparently, it indicates that hurricanes and tornadoes will appear in the project. Since the setting of the plot will be the non-existent state of Leonidas, copied from the real Florida, everything looks logical: hurricanes are not uncommon in this state. Creators will need to spend from 1 to 40 hours of working time on testing the function. In addition, programmers will have to check how NPCs will change their behavior when the weather changes.

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In Rockstar’s previous project, the western Red Dead Redemption 2, the weather was fully developed. It is possible that GTA 6 will receive a new level of weather system.

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