TinyPod case turns Apple Watch into a classic iPod media player


The device was developed by TinyPod. Its main feature is the Click Whell control wheel, reminiscent of the iPod Classic. The appearance and approximate premiere date have been revealed by the developers.

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Technical specifications, functionality and cost of the gadget are still unknown. According to official teasers, it is clear that the case will become a case with a control element in the form of a wheel, and the smart watch will act as a screen. You may need a separate app for your accessory to work with Apple Watch.

TinyPod case turns Apple Watch into a classic iPod media player

It is quite possible that the interaction between devices is focused on the functionality of the player: smart watches can be connected to a wireless headset separately, and they also have their own built-in memory. The control wheel allows you to navigate through your music library. All details about the device will become known in June, and the official release may take place in the same month.

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