The Crew race is out. The developers have disabled the game servers


The arcade racing game may no longer be playable, but fans are determined to resurrect it.

Ubisoft has stopped supporting The Crew and closed its gaming services. Now you cannot enter the game, since an Internet connection to the servers is required to launch, and since they are disabled, an error appears. Therefore, even if you have a digital or physical copy of the race, it is no longer possible to play it.

The Crew race is out. The developers have disabled the game servers

Before the servers shut down, many bloggers and ordinary gamers returned to The Crew to say goodbye and played until the shutdown. It would seem that the project’s history has come to an end, but fans expressed a desire to “resurrect” the game using server emulation. First of all, they intend to restore access to single-player mode functions.

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The Crew was released in 2014 on the PC, PS4 and Xbox One platforms. The game combined elements of live service, high-quality car customization and a huge game map. This year could have marked the 10th anniversary of the project’s release, but on April 2 its support was officially discontinued.

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