Modder added Kratos from God of War to GTA 5


The God Slayer destroys opponents with the Blades of Chaos in the presented video.

The author of the YouTube channel JulioNIB demonstrated a mod made for GTA 5. The main character of the God of War franchise series, the Spartan and demigod Kratos, appears in it.

For the most part, the added character resembles his version from the third part of the series, which was released in 2010. Kratos uses the Blades of Chaos in battle, and he also uses the Wings of Icarus to fly. When landing, the character causes an explosion.

At the moment, the mod can only be tried by JulioNIB subscribers on the Patreon platform. In the near future, the author will add more abilities and animations to Kratos.

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