Fans imagined what a GTA 6 map could be like


Fans have put together their own version of the map based on leaks, rumors and insider information.

His own version of the map, based on guesses, was shown on social networks by a user with the nickname @that1detectiv3. In his opinion, if Rockstar is going to make a copy of Florida for the state of Leonidas, then it will not be limited to a small location.

Fans imagined what a GTA 6 map could be like

Users also took a GTA 5 map and superimposed it on a sketch of the map of the future game – it turned out to be several times smaller.

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Users also compared the alleged map from GTA 6 with other games in the series and with RDR 2.

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In the comments, some fans recalled the words of authoritative informant Jason Schreier, who said that the GTA 6 map will be larger than the map of the previous part, but not by much.

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