Eternium Mod APK 1.19.9 (Unlimited everything)

Eternium Mod APK 1.19.9 (Unlimited everything)

Eternium APK is an immersive action RPG game with retro graphics and an interesting storyline. It was developed and published by Making Fun, Inc.

The game challenges you to help the heroes defend their land from the evil forces trying to destroy it. You must use your strategic and tactical skills to lead your team to victory.

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It features many heroes, each with unique abilities, powers, and weapons. You must pick one that best suits your playstyle and build a team that can destroy the enemy. It will not be easy, but it is possible.

An Interesting Storyline

This game is set in an interplanetary fantasy world full of danger and adventure. Your land is under attack by evil forces led by Ragadam, your biggest enemy. You must collaborate with other heroes to defend your territory from his twisted plans. You will travel to different places and fight dangerous monsters.

Fortunately, you will also have powers and weapons at your disposal. You must use them to devise a plan that can lead your team to victory. The journey will be bumpy, but it will be worth it in the end.

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You will earn treasures and rewards as you complete missions. You can use them to upgrade your heroes’ abilities and make them even stronger. With each victory, you will get one step closer to saving your land. It must be a do-or-die situation for you.

Choose a Character

This game is quite versatile in terms of the characters. They include:

  • Mage. This is a long-range fighter that uses powerful spells to incinerate enemies.
  • Warrior. This is a close-range fighter with the exceptional ability to use brute force and weapons to annihilate opponents.
  • Hunter. This is a long-range fighter that uses traps and arrows to take down enemies.

You will also equip your character with different weapons and armor. You can find these items in chests or buy them from the store. Each item will have different stats that will impact your gameplay. Some weapons to explore include swords, guns, axes, staffs, and spears.

Tactical Gameplay

This game is all about strategy and tactics. You must carefully plan each move to ensure the safety of your team. There are many things to consider, such as the enemy’s position, your team’s position, and the surrounding environment.

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You must also make use of your team’s unique abilities to gain an advantage. For example, the mage can use his spells to create a barrier that will protect your team from enemy attacks. The warrior can use his brute force to break through the enemy’s defenses.

You must also be aware of the traps that the enemy has set. These traps can be deadly if you’re not careful. You must use your skills and abilities to avoid them.

The game will also challenge you with boss battles. These bosses are powerful and will require all your skill and strategy to defeat. If you do, you will be showered with rewards.

Lots of Enemies to Battle

When you join this game, you should be ready to battle many enemies. Some of the foes that you will encounter include:

  • Skeletons. These are scary creatures that mimic the appearance of humans. They are weak but can be dangerous in large numbers.
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  • Zombies. These are undead creatures that have been reanimated by dark magic. Their movements are remarkably slow, but they can be very strong.
  • Automatons. These are powerful machines created by the enemy. They are fast and deadly.
  • Aliens. These are strange creatures that have come from another world. They use advanced technology to accomplish their missions.
  • Demons. These are powerful beings that have come from the underworld. They can move fast and catch you when you least expect it.
  • Dragons. These are massive creatures that can breathe fire. They are rare but extremely dangerous.

Gorgeous, Hand-Crafted Worlds

This game features four beautiful hand-crafted worlds. Each world is unique and has its dangers and challenges. You will explore different environments, such as dark caves, forests, canyons, craters, jungles, deserts, mountains, and dungeons.

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You must equip your character to explore these worlds. While at it, ensure you open treasure chests and defeat enemies for rewards. You can earn gemstones, gold, battle gear, gold, and other items. These items will help you survive in this dangerous world.

Protect Yourself

This game is all about survival. You must protect yourself from the many dangers that exist in this world. To do this, you must unlock helmets, hoods, shiny breastplates, spiked shoulder pads, capers, or even mysterious cloaks.

Additionally, you should always have a shield and other weapons to protect yourself. This is the only way to rescue your healer, tanks, and other ranger companions. Once free, they will join you in the battles, making you even stronger.

Unique Features of Eternium APK

  • Simple Controls. This game features tap to move & swipe to cast controls. All you need is one finger to play this game tap and move your character around the battlefield. Swipe your finger to cast spells, attack enemies, or use abilities.
  • No Paywalls. All the features and content are available for free. However, you can purchase some in-game items with real money if you want to accelerate your progress or unlock new features.
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  • Offline/Online Mode. You will have the option to play the game offline. However, you will need an internet connection to download the updates and sync your progress across devices. Also, a few features will be unavailable for offline players.
  • Spectacular Effects & Unique Sounds. The game is super atmospheric and immersive. You will enjoy the amazing graphics, beautiful effects, and great soundtracks. Its hypnotic and exciting gameplay will leave you yearning for more.
  • Lots of Offensive Abilities. This game has unique abilities, including Arc Lightning, Whirlwind, Blizzard, and Shockwave. You can also control your rivals Frost Nova, Silence, and Silence. Even better, the game gives you numerous options to assassinate your adversaries, including Smokescreen, Snipe, and Traps.
  • Numerous Heroes with 20+ Abilities. This game has many heroes to choose from. Each of them has more than 20 abilities and skills. Even better, every of your companion will have 3 more abilities. You can use these skills to create powerful combos and strategies.
  • Choose Your Character’s Skills Carefully. The game has a unique skill system that allows you to choose the skills you want your character to have. You can level up your skills as you play and use them to defeat your enemies.

Eternium MOD APK Unlimited Everything

You can use the Eternium MOD APK 2023 to get everything you need to defeat the enemies. Here is what you’ll enjoy:

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  • Eternium MOD APK Unlimited Gems. You can use these gems to buy the best gear and weapons for your character.
  • Eternium MOD APK Offline. This MOD ensures you access most of the features during your offline play.
  • No Ads. The Eternium MOD APK Unlimited Money and Gems will remove all the ads, allowing you to focus on the game.
  • Eternium MOD APK Unlimited Rubies. This game uses these rubies to purchase premium items. With this MOD, you can get as many rubies as you want, ensuring you get the spells, powers, and characters.


Eternium is a great game that you should try. It’s an intense and exciting game with lots of challenges & heroes to unlock. You can use the Eternium MOD Menu APK to get everything you need to progress through the game quickly.

What's new update

Fixed:- a bug with the Finesse perk- an error caused by some Warrior skins- a bug with crafting Haste, Ability Rate, Dodge, and Movement Speed.New Features:- Spiritstones- Seasonal Trial progress reset

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App Info
  • App Name Eternium
  • Package Name com.makingfun.mageandminions
  • Publisher Making Fun
  • Updated
  • Version 1.11.20
  • Mod Info Unlimited Gems and Diamonds
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