Brain Test 2 Mod APK 1.19.18 (Unlimited hints)

Brain Test 2 Mod APK 1.19.18 (Unlimited hints)

Test yourself with tricky puzzles and fun quizzes for your brain. Download Brain Test 2 for Android to play through many different scenarios and solve problems and puzzles.

Experience Different Stories

Surprisingly so, Brain Test 2 has a story being told. There are many different puzzles related to specific characters and circumstances. Additionally, each of these have their own story to tell, such as:

  • Tom the Cat, going through various travels and scenarios. Help him make his adventures much more bearable and exciting.
  • Agent Smith is the coolest spy in the world. There are so many different adventures and scenarios this man goes through during his daily life.
  • Andy was falsely accused and is now facing time in prison. Help him through every situation possible, in an attempt to make a quick escape to freedom.
  • Cindy is a bit chunky for her age. She wants to shred a few pounds and get back into shape. So, do you think you could assist her with that?

Some Puzzles Are Not What They Seem

Would you like a quick Brain test 2 tip? Well, if there is anything that should be said about these puzzle games there is one: Everything is never what it seems. Meaning, you will need to be extra careful to look at your surroundings, read each question and more!

Remember, these puzzles can be solved in a variety of manners. This means you will need to think outside of the box for some, if not all of them. For instance, one puzzle will have Tom passing through a desert. The sun is raging hot and there is a fire with smoke. How can you pass the desert without drying up? Taking the smoke and using it as a cloud to block the sun would be your answer!

And just like that, thinking outside of the box has passed you through one of the puzzles. However, we are only kind enough to give you one freebie. The rest of the game will need to be played by you. Try your best and don’t have your brain explode from the challenge.

Brain Test 2 Mod APK Download

Now, you can choose to download Brain Test 2 tricky Stories Mod APK. This will actually grant you some benefits, opposed to the Google Play Store version. Why would you want to pass up an opportunity to have:

  • Brain Test 2 Mod APK unlimited hints
  • Unlimited next level
  • Vip unlocked
  • Story unlocked

You’ll be able to get an unlimited supply of hints to solve these riddles and challenges. Enjoy the game without too much trouble, if you want the help…

What's new update

New Update on BT-2! "Fitness with Bubba" adds 20 fresh episodes! :man-lifting-weights: Join Uncle Bubba and Cindy for more levels. Dive into new challenges and keep up with these fun levels. Check out the latest story on BT-2 now!

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