Stick War Hero Tower Defense Mod APK 1.0.72 (Unlimited money)

Stick War Hero Tower Defense Mod APK 1.0.72 (Unlimited money)

Stick War Tower Defense APK is a unique stickman game that puts you in charge of a cunning stickman. You will be required to complete a series of missions, each with a well-highlighted objective.

It features room-like cells, and you will move the character around while searching for the enemies. Once you spot the enemy, you will slide the control towards the enemy to attack.

stick war hero tower defense mod apk

After exterminating one enemy, you will move to the next cell and the next enemy. The game will continue until you clear all the rooms or get killed by the enemies.

Overall, this game is unique and different from other tower defense games. It is only 56MB, and you can play it with any Android 5.0+ device.

Hilarious Gameplay

Besides being a great game, Stick War Hero Tower Defense is also hilarious. It doesn’t take itself too seriously, and the stickman animations are top-notch! The voice-acting is also well-done, and it adds to the immersion.

There are many references to other games. For example, you will face bosses from games such as Poppy Playtime, including Huggy, Mommy, Bunzo, and Wuggy.

Once you kill the enemies, they will produce a unique sound as they die. Each enemy also has a unique death animation. They will fall off the ledge, get decapitated, or simply explode into pieces. It is all very satisfying to watch!

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This game is also great for people who like to collect things. There are over 100 items to collect, including hats, weapons, and armor. Some of these items are rare and can only be obtained by completing certain missions.

Drag and Drop Game Strategy

This game is not only about tower defense, but it is also about strategy. You will have to carefully plan your moves to progress through the levels.

There is a drag-and-drop game mechanic that allows you to select the character you want to move. You can also choose where you want to attack. This mechanic makes the game more interactive and fun to play.

While the levels will appear straightforward at the beginning, they will gradually become more complex. You will have to face multiple enemies at the same time and use different strategies to defeat them.

There are also bonus objectives that you can complete for extra rewards. These include killing a certain number of enemies, collecting all the items in the level, or completing the level within a certain time limit.

stick war hero tower defense mod apk unlimited money

Overall, you must be calculative, and strategic and use your brain to win the game. Otherwise, you will get stuck at certain levels.

Kill Giant Bosses to Collect Loot

Besides the regular enemies, there are also giant bosses that you will have to face. These bosses are much tougher to defeat, and they will require a different strategy. You can use power-ups to temporarily increase your stats or summon allies to help you in battle.

Once you defeat the boss, you will be rewarded with loot. These include items, money, and experience points. The experience points are used to level up your character and make them stronger.

You can also use the money to buy new items or upgrade your existing ones. There are many different combinations that you can try and it is up to you to find the best one for your playstyle.

Build Your Castle

In this game, you will not only be fighting on the battlefield but also building your castle. You can use the money you earn from battles to upgrade your castle.

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You can also build defenses to protect your castle from enemy attacks. These include walls, traps, and towers. You must carefully plan the layout of your castle to make it as efficient as possible.

Many Activities to Undertake

Whenever you begin a level, you will be assigned a certain number of activities to complete. They can range from building defenses to training your troops. Here is a run-down of a few:

  • Save the Girl. In this level, you will have to save a girl who is being held captive by the enemy. You will have to fight your way through hordes of enemies and reach the girl before she gets hurt.
  • Collect All Weapons. This level requires you to collect all the weapons in the level. The weapons are randomly placed, and you will have to search for them.
  • Seduce the Girls. Here, you will have to seduce three girls to progress. A simple touch of the girls will do the trick.
  • Kill the Boss. As the name suggests, you will have to kill the boss at this level. The boss is a giant creature that is guarding the exit. You will have to use all your skills to defeat it.
stick war hero tower defense mod apk 2022
  • Kill All Enemies. This is a self-explanatory objective. You will have to kill all the enemies in the level to progress.
  • Save the Princess. Your princess has been kidnapped and is being held captive in the enemy castle. You will have to fight through the enemy defenses and rescue her.

These are only a few of the objectives you will have to complete. There are many more, and they will gradually become more difficult as you progress through the game.

Other Outstanding Game Features

  • Develop Your Hero. The game offers different ways to develop your hero. You can level up your hero, learn new skills, and equip them with better gear. Even better, you can merge them to transform them into legends.
  • Infinite Levels. This game features many levels. That means you can keep playing it for as long as you want. The difficulty will gradually increase as you progress, but you can always use the items and allies to help you.
  • Lots of Unlockable Weapons. The game offers numerous weapons, each with unique stats and abilities. You can unlock them by defeating the corresponding bosses or completing given objectives.
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  • Simple Graphics. The game features simple graphics that are easy on the eyes. The colors are bright, and the shapes are well-defined. The enemy is usually represented in red, while the protagonist is blue.

Stick War Hero Tower Defense MOD APK Android

If you want to experience the true power of the Stick War Hero, try out the Stick War Hero MOD APK 2023. This mod unlocks these features:

  • Stick War Hero Tower Defense MOD APK Unlimited Money. This game will not limit you to the money you can earn. You can use it to buy the best gear and allies for your hero.
  • Stick War Hero Tower Defense MOD APK No Ads. This game will not show any ads while you are playing it. You can focus on the game and exterminate all your enemies hassle-free.


The Stick War Hero is a great game for those who want to experience an epic adventure. It features simple graphics, infinite levels, and lots of unlockable weapons. Try it and see how far you can go.

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App Info
  • App Name Stick Hero: Tower Defense
  • Package Name com.ht2.stick.hero
  • Updated
  • Version 1.0.59
  • Mod Info Unlimited Money
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