Shadow Fight Shades Mod APK 1.4.1 (Unlimited money)

Shadow Fight Shades Mod APK 1.4.1 (Unlimited money)

Prepare for an adrenaline-filled experience with Shadow Fight Shades APK, created by Nekki. This cutting-edge 3D fighting game combines life-like animations and intense combat sequences to create a thrilling adventure you won’t forget! You can amp up your fighter’s skillset with a vast array of weapons, armor, and unique strikes that will ensure victory is within reach.

As you traverse the widespread world, you must outwit shadowy foes using cunning battle strategies, dodge lethal strikes, and uncover secret passages. Moreover, a myriad of unique items and tools will help you upgrade your gaming experience even further.

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This way, you can devise unique strategies to defeat opponents, become the ultimate fighter, and unlock new levels. Ensure you collect every weapon and armor piece you come across since it will help you to survive the intense battles.

Overall, Shadow Fight Shades MOD APK for Android will leave you yearning for action. It will challenge your skills as you fight against overwhelming foes. Experience captivating graphics, smooth animations, and an exhilarating gaming experience that will keep you thoroughly entertained for hours.

Shadow Fight Shades APK – Background Story

This game comes after the world won the battle against the dark forces (in Shadow Fight 2 APK). However, a new enemy has arisen – the mysterious Shadow Rifts. These rifts open portals to other realms, and with them come powerful beings known as Shades.

When explorers travel through the rifts, they gain powerful abilities such as enhanced combat skills, becoming more powerful. Shadow must traverse the rifts and collect these Shades to shut them down and reveal the mystery behind their genesis.

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However, the journey will not be easy. The game features classic visuals, with vintage 2D backdrops and lifelike battle animations that provide a beloved world to explore. Players must use their cunning and strategic skills to face the forces of evil while they traverse through these dangerous lands in search of power within the Shadow Rifts.

Will Shadow manage to close the Shadow Rifts and save the world? The answer lies in his hands. Join him on this epic journey and help him unravel the mystery behind these strange portals, discovering powerful new strengths.

How to Play Shadow Fight Shades APK?

Shadow Fight Shades MOD APK download offers an unparalleled gaming experience, combining intense battles with captivating visuals & smooth animations. You will immerse yourself in the intense world of virtual combat where you can customize your fighter with exceptional weapons, armor pieces, and powerful special strikes.

On your thrilling journey through the perilous lands, you must be agile & strategic while dodging a series of strikes from your adversaries. Ensure you collect special weapons and armor pieces to transform your character into an unstoppable power.

shadow fight shades mod apk unlimited money

To save civilization from the brink of destruction, you must work hard and ascend through the levels to gain control over the Shadow Rifts – a mysterious evil force. Also, ensure you acquire the shades that’ll give you unfathomable power & make you invincible.

Finally, this game provides a unique rogue experience that lets you traverse an infinite new world and unlock powerful abilities. Download the Shadow Fight Shades MOD APK today to embark on an intense and captivating journey! It will be a worthwhile experience.

Harder Battles and More Locations (3 New Worlds)

This game is a colossal step up from its predecessor, featuring multiple new levels and adversaries in a multitude of environments. You will embark on an epic quest to extinguish the Shadow Rifts and acquire powerful shades.

The world is larger and filled with more hazards than before, featuring three additional locations – each consisting of many levels & culminating in a boss battle. This way, you can explore more and face a range of challenges that’ll test your skills.

Fortunately, the game has also incorporated better combat controls and improved AI, making the battles even more exciting. You will have to battle smarter and use your skills & weapons to gain an edge over your opponents.

Other Exceptional Features of the Game

  • New Enemies and Abilities. This game features a whole new cast of mysteriously menacing characters with incredible abilities and skills. Prepare to battle your opponents in epic duels as you unlock and master your newfound abilities, all while striving to become the ultimate victor.
  • Unique Gear and Costumes. Let your creativity soar as you create a one-of-a-kind character using the immense selection of costumes and weapons this game has to offer! Mix-and-match to develop an individualized fighter, pushing creativity to its limits.
  • Daily Challenges and Events. Test your strength and challenge yourself daily with this game’s grand events, competitions, and tournaments. Face adversaries from all corners of the globe to become a true champion!
  • Meet More Friends. Step into an amazing, interactive world where you can create clans and expand your social circle by connecting with friends. Share stories from the game on social media and join in conversations about this captivating universe.
  • Classic 2D Backgrounds. You can be transported to a beautiful virtual landscape, with breathtaking 2D backdrops and ultra-realistic animations where characters will come alive before your eyes! After the game, these vibrant visuals will surely stay imprinted in your mind for days.
  • Exciting Combat System. The game’s mystifying charm and multifaceted tactics make the battles unbelievably thrilling. To triumph, you’ll need to duck, strike, and chain together special mixes of maneuvers.
shadow fight shades mod apk latest version
  • Rogue-Like Elements. The Shadow Rifts game presents an extraordinary and rewarding rogue-like experience that offers new worlds, hefty powers, and awe-inspiring missions. Your journey will never be dull as you wander the world, discovering its secrets and fighting off baddies.
  • Mix Different Shades. Unleash your power with a potent combination of Shades to deploy powerful attacks and special abilities. Each rift is distinct, allowing for unparalleled strength in skill set and expertise that will make you an undefeatable warrior.
  • Multiverse Gameplay. As earlier mentioned, the game has 3 new locations – each with different sets of enemies and challenges. This guarantees an expanded universe with numerous pathways to level up and become an invincible warrior.
  • Supports Offline Gameplay. You don’t need internet connectivity to enjoy this adrenaline-pumping game. However, some features like PvP & co-op mode require an internet connection.
  • Hair-Raising Sound Effects. The game comes with immersive sound effects and a rocking soundtrack to make each battle feel like an epic adventure. Every move you make will be fraught with anticipation and excitement.
  • Highly Optimized Controls. Shades features intuitive controls and multiple customization options that make the fights much more enjoyable. You can even personalize the button layout to your exact desires.

System Requirements and Additional Information

This game requires an Android device running 5.0 or later. It is optimized for smartphones and tablets, ensuring a smooth and glitch-free performance.

Additionally, this game is always evolving, guaranteeing new features, tools, and content as time progresses. As such, you must always use the latest version to get access to its full features.

Download the game without spending a dime, though you’ll need to make certain in-app purchases if you want access to all its features. Additionally, the game may include advertisements and offers from third-party entities.

Overall, Shades is a must-have game for any action-adventure enthusiast. It offers all the classic designs of Shadow Fight 2 with an expanded universe and exciting rogue-like elements. Download it today to embark on a thrilling journey!

How to Play the Game Like a Pro? Proven Tips and Strategies

  • Master The Controls. To hone your combat prowess, invest time and energy to decipher the controls. Modify them according to what works best for you, then continue honing your skills until you can confidently utilize them at any time.
  • Make Clever Use of Shade Combinations. Test out different strategies to find the perfect blend for you. Harness the power of each option and assemble a robust, unbeatable plan that will ensure victory is yours in every engagement!
  • Upgrade Your Weapons. To advance in the game, upgrading your weapons is essential. Exploit all the upgrade possibilities to give yourself a tremendous boost in offense and defense capability.
shadow fight shades mod apk for android
  • Stay Alert. Remain constantly aware of the battlefield & watchful for any possible dangers. This way, you can detect enemy movements early and quickly eliminate them before they can respond with their offensive.
  • Utilize Co-Op Mode. Feeling stuck on a certain level? Grab a friend and join forces in co-op mode. This way, you’ll have that extra momentum to conquer even the most difficult obstacles.
  • Take Advantage of Your Tools. Remember to utilize all the resources, such as potions and special attacks. These can be instrumental in helping you gain an edge during a heated battle.
  • Keep Your Composure. In any struggle, calmness is essential. Refrain from panicking and making impetuous decisions that may backfire in the future.


It’s time to take your gaming experience to the ultimate level! Shadow Fight Shades is an intensive, action-packed journey that will push you beyond your limits. The game boasts a classic design, modernized setting, and unbeatable features, making it have no equal. Don’t wait a moment longer – download the latest version now and start your thrilling journey!

What's new update

- The Old Dragon's Call event- New ally: May- New location in act 2- Technical improvements and improved user interface

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Mod Info

  • Invulnerability (God Mode)
  • Add Coins
  • Add Gems
  • Add Energy
Note: Mod Menu is in russian, it can be changed to english from settings.

App Info
  • App Name Shades: Shadow Fight Roguelike
  • Package Name com.nekki.shadowfight.shades
  • Publisher NEKKI
  • Updated
  • Version 1.1.2
  • Mod Info Unlimited Money/Gems
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