Rise of Battlefield v0.6 MOD APK (Unlimited Money and Gold)

Rise of Battlefield v0.6 MOD APK (Unlimited Money and Gold)


Chronicles of the Most Skilled Warriors in Player against Player Conflict. Rise of Battlefield offers you the chance to command formidable soldiers from many historical eras in intense player against player military confrontations. Prepare yourself for a full-scale conflict! Experience the opportunity to embody a diverse range of characters, each possessing unique skill sets, including knights, samurai, Vikings, Ottoman forces, and other options. Customize your hero, engage in raid battles, and showcase your strategy and talent by facing real opponents. Prepare yourself, as you are about to engage in a game that will showcase an assortment of unique warriors from various time periods. Engage in this grandiose conflict simulation, where you will assume command of valiant champions originating from several nations and embark on a global expedition in pursuit of triumph.

Rise of Battlefield MOD APK

Engage in online activities.

On the battlefields, one can encounter a multitude of diverse problems. Engage in the virtual contest and achieve victory over your opponents. Participate in player versus player tournaments in team-based game variants, such as 1v1, 2v2, or 3v3. Whether you opt to engage in combat to uphold your dignity and showcase your unique abilities to secure triumph on the battlefield, or you opt to swiftly achieve victory alongside your team.

Unique heroes with a nationwide presence

The amalgamation of the gallantry exhibited by knights, the ferocity displayed by Vikings, the strength demonstrated by Joseon warriors, and the tactical prowess of the Ottoman Empire… Which country do you intend to select? You have complete control over the unique combat abilities possessed by the hero of your nation, and you will engage in competition with gamers from throughout the globe. You have the option to customize your character. It is time to create your own renowned hero in the game For Honor.

Remember that you will get a new status point for every level you attain!

To ensure your hero’s dominance on the battlefield, it is crucial to enhance and fortify their abilities. Ensure that your protagonist is equipped with formidable weaponry, jewelry of exceptional value, and enchanting runes. Challenge your luck to enhance your powers and obtain exclusive set bonuses. Acquire the finest equipment available to effectively defeat your opponents. Enhancing your hero’s combat prowess will significantly enhance their battlefield efficacy. You can get a competitive advantage over your opponents by skillfully enhancing your abilities through smart methods.

The participants in this game are the true protagonists of historical events.

Acquire knowledge about the historical background of each nation and uncover the journey that led your admired individuals to their current status. Team-based multiplayer combat with a focus on competition. Rise of Battlefield primarily offers two player vs player game variants: 3v3 and 1v1. Gather a collective of individuals and collaborate to develop strategies that will enable you to eliminate your adversaries through synchronized attacks, or alternatively, you can choose to operate alone and depend on your own skills to achieve triumph.

Rise of Battlefield MOD APK

Take on the persona of a renowned warrior from ancient times.

Assume the persona of a gallant knight, a fierce Viking, a tactical Ottoman soldier, a skilled samurai, and various other renowned warriors. The heroes of each nation have unique design, look, and combat capabilities that set them apart from heroes of other nations. Improve the abilities of your warrior, advance your character’s level, and obtain the most powerful weapons available. To achieve an ideal and competitive build, it is necessary to combine several equipment parts and skills.

Enhancements pertaining to strategic RPG-style abilities

Utilize the battle points obtained via gameplay to enhance your active and passive skills, so augmenting your offensive and defensive capabilities, battlefield mobility, and other gameplay elements, contingent upon your own playstyle. By organizing your guild and coordinating attacks on designated PvE battlefields, you can efficiently acquire valuable wealth and resources. This will enable you to defeat formidable adversaries and accumulate points. Exclusive events and modes available for a limited duration.

Enchanted gemstones and customizable equipment

Determine the optimal combination of weapons, armor, accessories, and magic stones, and outfit the character with said combination. Enhance the caliber of your equipment and obtain set bonuses to augment your hero’s power! Acquire delightful canines that passively boost your statistics, replenish your health and mana, increase your gold earnings, reduce skill cooldowns, and provide other benefits! An esteemed ally for a combatant. Immerse yourself in the visually stunning military epic, Rise of Battlefield, which offers console-quality 3D graphics and skillfully animated theatrical sequences.

Rise of Battlefield MOD APK


Download Rise of Battlefield MOD APK and Engage in holiday festivities that provide exclusive rewards aligned with the theme of the holiday.Engage in many game modes, such as free-for-all and capture the flag, to enhance the intensity of the combat on the battlefield! Take command of the armies and immerse yourself in some of the most monumental conflicts and legendary battles in history! In Rise of Battlefield, you possess the capacity to extensively personalize and direct historical soldiers in intense player vs player battles. You have the opportunity to be part of history!


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Mod Info

  • Mod Menu
  • Gold Injected
  • Silver Injected
  • Enchante Injected
  • Removed ADS

App Info
  • App Name Rise of Battlefield: For Honor
  • Package Name com.rise.battlefield.honor
  • Publisher RAY Games
  • Updated
  • Version 0.5
  • Mod Info Unlimited Money and Gold
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