Nextbots In Backrooms Mod APK 2.6.0b (Unlock all)

Nextbots In Backrooms Mod APK 2.6.0b (Unlock all)

Nextbots in Backrooms APK is a puzzle game with a horror-like theme offered by Playducky. It is an interesting game in which you must escape from scary Nextbots pursuing you and set a new time record. The game has beautiful visuals & hair-raising audio, ensuring a hypnotic experience.

The game starts when you find yourself stuck in a mysterious house with many backrooms. It is dark, and the nextbots are lurking in the shadows. You must use your wits and skills to outsmart them and escape before they catch up with you.

nextbots in backrooms mod apk

Interestingly, the game has incorporated a time element into the gameplay. You must set a new time record as you race against these enemies to escape the house. Each room has different enemies and puzzles that will challenge your reflexes, problem-solving skills, and decision-making abilities.

Whatever you do, never ignore any of the clues and hints since they could save your life. Besides, your friends will use them to outsmart you and register better times! It is better to be cautious than swim in regrets.

Nextbots in Backrooms APK – Background History

Backrooms are places where people go to escape mundane life and explore new realms. They are mysterious places filled with secrets and stories waiting to be unraveled.

The idea of including backrooms in games has been implemented in popular games, including Fortnite. This has inspired other developers to incorporate similar concepts into their games.

nextbots in backrooms mod apk download

Nextbots in Backrooms APK has executed the concept successfully. It adds an element of horror to the backrooms, making them more challenging to navigate.

Besides, it is a running game that requires you to be in constant motion. As such, you will have to outwit and outrun the Nextbots as you aim to set a new time record. This won’t be an easy task since the backrooms have many secrets & surprises. Play the game and test how good you are at handling tension & making decisions in a split second.

Hair-Raising Gameplay

The game has horror-like gameplay, with the added time element. As you venture deep into the backrooms, you will come face to face with scary Nextbots that are easy to outrun but hard to beat.

You must move quickly and use your wits & skills to solve puzzles and navigate through the backrooms. If you get stuck, there are clues & hints provided to help you in your mission. Keep an eye out for them since they will make your journey manageable.

As time passes, the game gets harder and more intense. You must focus on setting a new time record while using whatever tools. This will give you the upper hand and unlock better opportunities in the game.

nextbots in backrooms mod apk unlock all

Download Nextbots in Backrooms APK and start exploring the mysterious backrooms filled with secrets & stories. See if you can outwit, outrun, and set a new time record as you battle against spine-chilling Nextbots.

Exceptional Features of Nextbots in Backrooms APK

  • Cunning Enemies. This game is littered with nimble & crafty enemies that will test your reflexes and judgment skills. They are well-distributed in the backrooms, making it hard to escape without being noticed. As such, you shouldn’t expect safe zones when playing this game.
  • Beautiful Visuals & Sounds. This game has exceptional visuals and spine-tingling audio, making it more enjoyable to play. As you progress in the game, you will appreciate the combination of these elements that add excitement to your experience.
  • Time Element. How fast can you run? Can you outsmart your friends? This additional feature adds a competitive edge to the game, challenging you to set better time records as you race against your enemies.
  • Lots of Mazes. This game features hard-to-decipher mazes designed to confuse and frustrate you. You must use your skills and logical thinking to navigate scary corners and dark rooms. Any miscalculation could cost you your time and progress.
nextbots in backrooms mod apk latest version
  • Compete with Friends. You can join or create your group and compete with friends to see who will set the best time record. This is a fun way of enjoying the game and challenging your friends for bragging rights.
  • Share Your Records. You can share your records with friends, family & other players. This will help you track your progress and compare it with others, allowing you to refine your skills and become a better player.
  • Simple Controls. This game requires precise and speedy moves, and its simplistic controls come in handy. They make it easier to move fast while maintaining accuracy & precision in your movements.

System Requirements & Additional Information

Nextbots in Backrooms APK is approximately 199MB and requires Android 5.0+ devices to perform optimally. Its lightweight design ensures it’s easy on your phone’s memory and keeps it running smoothly.

The game has in-app purchases to help you customize your character and buy special items to give you an edge. If you don’t want to spend money, you can always play the game for free and still enjoy the experience.

Even better, all the Nextbots are creatively named to give them an identity. This increases the entertainment value while adding character to the game. The common bots include Obunga, Armstrong, Gigachad, Amogus, Alternative, Granny, Shukri, Isaac, Gru, Jerma, Nerd, and Wenomachainsama.

nextbots in backrooms mod apk for android

Others are Shrek, Sonic, Selene Delgado, Quandale, Sidorovich, Saul, and the Rock Dwayne Johnson. Each is unique, breaking the monotony of the game and allowing players to appreciate their differences.

Unique Tips for Playing Nextbots in Backrooms

  • Always remain calm & composed since panicking won’t help you win the game. Take a deep breath and think before making your moves.
  • Utilize all the time-saving tricks available, including sprinting, rolling, and wall-climbing.
  • Aim for consistency in your moves. Instead of trying out multiple strategies at once, stick to one that works best for you based on the situation at hand. Consistency is key in this game, and you’ll need all the practice to master it.
  • You don’t have to take this as serious competition. Focus on having fun while playing this game. Enjoy every moment and appreciate your opponents’ moves since they will help in improving your skills over time.
  • Share your progress and time records with friends & family. This will help boost your morale to complete levels faster.

Nextbots in Backrooms MOD APK Download

The modified version offers all the premium features without restrictions. You’ll enjoy the following unrivaled benefits:

nextbots in backrooms apk
  • Nextbots in Backrooms MOD APK Unlock All. This version unlocks all levels and items in the game. You’ll enjoy unlimited access to the best features without spending a dime.
  • No Ads. The modified version of this game is ad-free, enabling you to enjoy your gaming experience uninterrupted.
  • Improved Performance. The Nextbots in Backrooms MOD APK for Android has increased performance, making it easier to play without lags or bugs. This way, you can always expect a smooth gaming experience.


Nextbots in Backrooms is an entertaining and challenging game that tests your reflexes and coordination. You will run through the rooms while avoiding dangerous nextbots. Fortunately, the controls are facile, making it easy to play the game with precision.

The modified version (MOD) unlocks all levels and items, ensuring you have access to the best features without spending a dime. With improved performance and fewer ads, playing this game will be more enjoyable than ever!

What's new update

v2.3.0:- 2 new maps: Chromastruct and Genesis.v2.2.8:- GUNS!!!v1.3.5:- 2 new Nextbots - Skibiti Toilet and Rosalia;- A new Nextbot constructor that allows you to delete and edit created Nextbots;- Reworked auto-jump - no more walking in tight spaces;- Ability to swim underwater.v1.2.11:- 2 new maps;- Bunny hop is automatic now.v1.2.10:- Battle pass.v1.2.7:- Play as Nextbot - eliminate your opponents by yourself!v1.2.4:- Quest system.

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Mod Info

  • Mod Menu
  • Unlock All Maps
  • Unlock All Skins
  • Unlock All Nextbots

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