Line Puzzle String Art Mod APK 24.0510.00 (Unlimited money)

Line Puzzle String Art Mod APK 24.0510.00 (Unlimited money)

Line Puzzle String Art APK is a simple puzzle game offered by BitMango. You’ll connect lines to fill the shape and complete each level.

The game is like a jigsaw puzzle where you must try to put the lines in their respective places and complete the shape. It features different puzzles, each requiring intelligence, strategy, and creativity.

In the beginning, the shapes will be easy to draw. However, the game will become more challenging as you go through the different levels. While playing, it’s critical to think ahead of your next move to complete each level with the least moves possible.

Why Line Puzzle String Art APK Download?

The world has become busy, and many people are caught up in work. While this can be misconstrued as a good thing, it can adversely affect one’s health. As such, there is a need to find a way to unwind and enjoy life.

Line Puzzle String Art can restore work-life balance. It doesn’t require you to be physically or mentally active, meaning you can play it from the comfort of your home.

Besides, the controls are straightforward, ensuring you can achieve the target set for each level without complications. Simple tap & drag controls ensure you complete the tasks and proceed to the next level.

How to Play Line Puzzle String Art APK?

This game was designed for laid-back gameplay. It guarantees a soothing and thrilling experience, making it one of the best stress relievers. It’s simple to learn how to play this game; you follow these steps:

  • Drag Lines to Connect the Dots. The game features a variety of dots, and you’ll have to connect them using lines. You will drag the line from one dot to another, ensuring it doesn’t intersect with any previously drawn line.
  • Lines Cannot Overlap. The game is played on the grid, and you must be careful not to overlap the lines. You can drag a line from one dot to another only if there is no other connecting line between them.
  • Nails Cannot Be Moved. The game features nails that cannot be moved. This means that once they’re placed in their respective positions, they cannot be changed.

Try to complete the shapes in as few moves as possible. The fulfillment that comes with completing a task is unrivaled. This is the thrill that keeps players rejuvenated! Each time you complete a level, it feels like a personal accomplishment.

Unique Features of Line Puzzle String Art APK

  • Numerous Shapes Are Available. This game never gets repetitive since it features different shapes to complete although the mechanics remain the same. It guarantees a fun, thrilling, and refreshing experience every time you play.
  • Well-Named Shapes. Besides drawing, the game enriches your vocabulary. You’ll learn the names of shapes you never thought existed. This addition ensures the game is educative, rewarding, and enriching.
  • The number of Moves Is Not Restricted. This game is open-ended, meaning you can take as many moves as possible to complete a level. As such, you can correct a mistake or rethink your strategy as you see fit.
  • Ensure You Match the Provided Shape. The game features a predetermined shape. As such, it’s crucial to match the same shape. Only then can you complete the level and unlock the next one.
  • No Wi-Fi is Required. You can play Line Puzzle String Art anywhere & at any time, as it doesn’t require a Wi-Fi connection. This means you can enjoy this game anytime—whether you’re commuting on the bus or waiting for an appointment.
  • No Penalties. The game doesn’t have a time limit or penalties for making mistakes. This makes it more relaxing and less stressful since you don’t feel like you’re under pressure to complete all the levels in one sitting.
  • 1000+ Puzzles. The game features over 1000 levels, ensuring you’ll never run out of content. Each level features different shapes to complete, ensuring you’re super challenged. Try hard to complete them all!
  • Beautiful Graphics. This game is aesthetically pleasing, with soothing and colorful backgrounds. The graphics are unique and simple, ensuring you can focus on the gameplay without distractions.
  • Highly Optimized. This game is well-optimized and runs smoothly on all devices (smartphones and tablets). It doesn’t lag or crash, ensuring you can enjoy uninterrupted gameplay. Its lightweight nature also guarantees low battery consumption.
  • Achievements and Leaderboard. The game has an in-built leaderboard and achievements to show your progress.
  • Contains Ads & In-App Purchases. This game is ad-supported and offers in-app purchases for premium content. While the ads don’t interfere with your gameplay, they take up a bit of space, reducing user experience

Pros and Cons of Line Puzzle String Art APK


  • The game is easy to learn and fun to play.
  • It offers a variety of shapes, and you can try new challenges each time you play.
  • There are no penalties or time limits, ensuring relaxing & stress-free gameplay.


  • Ads can be distracting

Tips for Playing the Game

  • Familiarize yourself with the different shapes and how they can be connected. This will help you plan your moves more effectively and complete the levels quickly.
  • Consider your strategy carefully before making any moves, as it’s easy to make mistakes in this game. Pay attention to where you’re connecting lines and what shape you’re trying to create.
  • Always stay focused, as taking your eye off the ball for even a second can be the difference between success and failure. Keep your mind sharp and actively look for opportunities to complete levels.
  • Don’t be afraid to take some risks. This means thinking on your feet, being flexible, and adapting to different challenges.

Line Puzzle String Art MOD APK Download

As earlier indicated, the original version has several limitations and drawbacks that can complicate your gameplay. If you want to overcome these limitations and enjoy seamless gameplay, download the Line Puzzle String Art MOD APK for Android. It has these features:

  • Line Puzzle String Art MOD APK Unlimited Money. This MOD offers unlimited in-app purchases, enabling you to get premium content & customize your gameplay to suit your preferences.
  • Line Puzzle String Art MOD APK Unlock Levels. You can unlock levels that are normally locked by completing the main game or paying for them. This gives you access to more challenges and keeps the gameplay interesting.
  • Line Puzzle String Art MOD APK Ad-Free. Ads can be disruptive, reducing the enjoyment of your gameplay experience. With this MOD, you can get rid of all ads, allowing you to focus on the game without distractions or interruptions.


Are you looking for a fun, relaxing, and challenging puzzle game to enjoy on your smartphone or tablet? Look no further than Line Puzzle String Art! It has 1000+ levels, beautiful graphics, and highly optimized gameplay. This way, you can enjoy diverse gameplay with no lag or crashes.

You can download the Line Puzzle String Art MOD APK to enjoy various benefits, including unlimited in-app purchases and ad-free gameplay. It is the ultimate way to get the most out of this addictive and fun puzzle game.

What's new update

24.0510.00 Update Note:Bug fixes and Performance improvementsHave Fun & Enjoy!

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App Info
  • App Name Line Puzzle: String Art
  • Package Name com.bitmango.go.stringart
  • Publisher BitMango
  • Updated
  • Version 24.0510.00
  • Mod Info Unlimited money
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