GOLIATH AC130 Gunship v0.9.331 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

GOLIATH AC130 Gunship v0.9.331 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)


In the game of GOLIATH MOD APK, The following armies are in alliance with you and are courageously battling against their opponents. Furthermore, they face the peril of being promptly attacked and consumed by the opponent. As a result, the command post has issued a mandate for you to furnish provisions and assistance to allies involved in airborne warfare. By employing formidable fighter aircraft, you may swiftly advance into the highly perilous battleground. Prepare yourself to lead a powerful air force and fight in combat with opponents. Transitioning from combat to the battlefield, your primary goal is to provide support to your comrades. The aforementioned forces are now involved in direct conflict with the opposing party and are composed of infantry and artillery units. Due to their ability to effectively dismantle the enemy’s military formations, they swiftly advanced into the territory and achieved a decisive victory over their opponent. Nevertheless, due to their close vicinity, a substantial number of foes emerged and swiftly advanced towards them with the intention of surrounding them. Consequently, the allied forces transmitted messages to the commander requesting assistance from the air force.


Be the finest commander

You will assume the position of Air Force commander and participate in high-intensity combat engagements. At this juncture, ground combat soldiers request aerial support to bolster their operations. They encountered a multitude of opponents who were gathering and advancing rapidly towards them. Consequently, employing the AC 130 gunboat for enemy bombardment allows for an aerial commencement of the combat, utilizing your armaments. You possess the capability to impede the enemy’s advance and aid the infantry in executing a secure retreat. Subsequently, your primary goal is to strategically bombard the adversary’s stronghold in order to secure a resounding victory.

Military vehicles at your disposal

By opting to become a commander in the combat air force, you will have the opportunity to gain novel experiences. You will be witnessing the battle from an aerial perspective rather than actively engaging in it or immediately participating with ground forces. Nevertheless, it is important to note that your role in combat is not disregarded. Conversely, you are also seen as a crucial factor in influencing the result of confrontations. This is the stage where you assume direct command of powerful aircraft and vehicles utilized in aerial warfare. They can be utilized to facilitate the destruction of enemy bases by transporting lethal explosives that they are specifically designed to transport.

Participate in battle utilizing these modes.

Your mission will be to provide support to other military forces in their aerial combat against foes. Furthermore, the planes under your command possess the capability to transport and deploy highly destructive armaments. They possess explosives or guns with devastating potential, enabling them to aid you in obliterating enemy bases. In order to attain expertise in such methods, you will need to surmount a range of battle impediments. You will have the chance to familiarize yourself with the possibility to engage in combat and grasp it with the assistance of those crucial experiences. During times of survival, it is crucial to engage in solitary combat with the adversary in order to preserve one’s own life.


Challenge yourself by putting your combat abilities to the test.

By engaging in perilous confrontations on the battlefield, you will have the opportunity to firsthand experience the intensity and violence of fight. Hence, to achieve victory, you must implement the determination to engage in combat and overcome all obstacles. If you possess the determination to live and make it back to your base, you will have the opportunity to enhance your combat skills. However, you have the capability to explore supplementary forces apart from air combat forces. By doing so, you will have a comprehensive understanding of the strategies employed by both your opponents and your supporters before engaging in any combat.

Make right use of your skills and talents

You will utilize your talents to engage in competition with other players and strive to achieve the highest attainable score. Engage in combat within designated areas and employ your unique skills to eradicate all opponents.  Delve into many forms of aerial combat and immerse yourself in the most intense game modes. The GOLIATH MOD APK empowers you to exercise authority over the battle air force and assume control of any arena. Participate in competitions that require you to operate aerial fortresses with the aim of eliminating all of your opponents. Within the realm of warfare, you shall actively engage in confrontations that shall ultimately determine the final result.



Download GOLIATH MOD APK and explore the Intense military confrontations are occurring in this region, and there is a possibility of fatality in conflict. Conversely, as a commander, it is imperative that you remain resolute in the face of mortal peril. On the battlefield, there are also comrades who are striving to engage in combat and seek your aid when doing so. By exerting control over aerial vehicles, you will possess the capability to launch bombardments against adversaries and offer assistance to fellow teammates. As a result, you will have the opportunity to challenge yourself and showcase your fighting spirit and skills at challenging levels.

What's new update

• New Mission "Scorpion Bridge"• Unique "Spec Ops" missions• "Augments" to modify your main bombs(fixed since 0.8.401)• Bug fixes & improvements (thanks for the feedback!)

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Mod Info

  • Unlimited Money
  • Fuel No Decrease
  • Gems & Golds Injection

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