Bus Simulator 3D Bus Games Mod APK 1.77 (Unlimited money)

Bus Simulator 3D Bus Games Mod APK 1.77 (Unlimited money)

Bus Simulator 3D Bus Games is a realistic simulation game where you play as a bus driver in a busy city. The game features realistic buses and an open-world environment to explore. You must follow all the traffic rules to avoid getting penalties.

Additionally, this game is highly customizable with different bus skins and controls. This allows you to personalize your experience. Ensure everything represents your personality, needs, and preferences.

bus simulator 3d bus games apk

Besides, you can explore the parking challenges where you must park the bus in tight spaces without hitting obstacles or other vehicles. This will improve your driving skills and reaction time, making you a better and safer driver.

Overall, this game is a perfect simulation of city driving. Even better, the game is lightweight (47MB) and suitable for low-end devices (Android 4.4+). This way, you can have a realistic driving experience without sacrificing your device’s performance.

Super Authentic City Driving

Unlike highway driving, city driving is more challenging and dynamic. It is characterized by busy streets, numerous intersections, and strict traffic rules. This game accurately portrays the city driving experience, making it a unique and fun simulation game.

You will have different buses to choose from, each with unique designs and capabilities. Whether it’s a double-decker or a school bus, driving them around the city will be an exhilarating experience.

bus simulator 3d bus games mod apk download

Once you select your ideal bus, it’s time to hit the streets and pick up passengers waiting at designated stops. Be sure to stick to the schedule, or else your passengers will be unhappy. And don’t forget to follow traffic rules, otherwise, you can get penalty points which affect your gameplay progress.

Additionally, you will collect coins and money as you complete missions and transport passengers. Ensure you utilize these resources wisely to upgrade your bus or buy more buses for a larger transportation business. This way, you can increase your revenue and progress further in the game.

Super Developed Infrastructure

This game is set in a modern city with a developed infrastructure. There are numerous buildings, roads, and famous landmarks that make the open-world environment feel realistic and alive.

You will also encounter various vehicles on the road, including cars, trucks, motorcycles, and even trains. This adds to the dynamic driving experience, making every gameplay unique and unpredictable.

bus simulator 3d bus games mod apk unlimited money

Additionally, your interactions with other vehicles and traffic lights are realistic. This means you must be observant and careful while driving to avoid collisions. If you allow accidents to happen, you may cause delays for your passengers and lose your reputation. This will be detrimental to your gameplay progress.

Highly Authentic NPCs & Passengers

In this game, you will come across various NPCs (non-playable characters) that add to the realistic city driving experience. These include pedestrians crossing the street, traffic police giving out penalties, and even repair workers fixing potholes on the road.

Your passengers also have unique personalities and reactions. They may request specific routes or give tips as a reward for good driving. Some may even get angry if you make reckless driving mistakes.

Besides, all passengers are smartly dressed. You’ll see them in checked shirts, business suits, or even traditional outfits. They are also of different ages, ethnicity, and gender, making every ride diverse and entertaining.

Realistic Buses from Different Manufacturers

This game offers various buses from renowned manufacturers such as MAN, Volvo, and Mercedes-Benz. Each bus has its unique design and capabilities.

bus simulator 3d bus games mod apk latest version

The high realism extends to the interior as well. Inside the buses, you will find various controls and features such as speedometers, mirrors, and even ticket machines. All these aspects make this game a highly immersive and realistic city-driving simulation.

The many choices of buses also add to the gameplay diversity. You can try different driving experiences, from small city buses to massive double-deckers. As such, this game is suitable for all players, whether you prefer casual or challenging gameplay.

Different Game Modes to Explore

This game has 3 different game modes for you to explore, including:

  • Career Mode. This is the main gameplay mode where you start as a rookie bus driver and progress through different levels, building your transportation business. You must complete various missions and transport passengers efficiently to earn an income and reputation.
  • Parking Mode. This mode allows you to hone your parking skills with various challenges, including parallel parking, reverse parking, and even precision driving through narrow spaces. You must complete these tasks within a time limit to earn points and progress in the game.
bus simulator 3d bus games mod apk for android
  • Free Driving Mode. In this mode, you can freely explore the city and have fun driving through the open-world environment without any time limits or missions. This is the best mode for casual players who want to relax and enjoy the realistic city driving experience.

Whichever mode you choose, this game offers endless entertainment and challenges for all players. You will truly feel like a professional bus driver in the modern city.

Other Exceptional Features of the Game

  • Smooth Controls. How well you play the game depends on your control of the bus. This game offers smooth and responsive controls, allowing you to easily maneuver your vehicle through traffic and tight spaces.
  • Realistic Graphics & Weather Effects. The city environments are highly detailed with realistic graphics, including buildings, streetlights, and even changing weather effects such as rain or snowfall.
  • Dynamic Day & Night Cycle. You will encounter various events, including rush hour traffic during the day and fewer vehicles on the road at night.
  • Offline Games. If you want to play without the internet, this game offers offline gameplay modes as well. This allows you to enjoy the game anytime, anywhere.
bus simulator 3d bus games apk
  • Super Cool Sound Effects. The game also features realistic sound effects such as the roar of the engine and honking horns, immersing you in the busy city atmosphere. This way, you can fully experience the thrill and challenges of driving a bus in a busy modern city.

Bus Simulator 3D Bus Games MOD APK Download

This MOD version of the game was designed to enhance your gameplay experience. It offers the following exceptional characteristics:

  • Bus Simulator 3D Bus Games MOD APK Unlimited Money. With the MOD, you will have unlimited money to purchase new buses and upgrades. As such, you can progress in the game and build your transportation empire without financial limitations.
  • Bus Simulator 3D Bus Games MOD APK All Buses The MOD version also comes with all buses unlocked, giving you access to all vehicles from the start of the game. Try out different bus designs and capabilities to find your favorite one.
  • No Ads. The Bus Simulator 3D Bus Games MOD APK for Android also comes ad-free, allowing you to fully focus on and enjoy the gameplay without interruption. This way, you will accelerate your progress and have even more fun in the game.


Bus Simulator 3D Bus Games is an entertaining and challenging game for all players. It guarantees endless hours of fun as you progress through different gameplay modes and build your transportation business.

The MOD version offers enhanced gameplay, ensuring quicker progress and a more enjoyable experience. You will have all buses unlocked and unlimited money to build your empire. Download the Bus Simulator 3D Bus Games MOD APK now and experience the thrill of being a professional bus driver in a modern city.

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Dear Game Players!⭐ In this update we improved the game controls. 😉⭐ Less in size with extreme features 🤖⭐ Resolved the inside game issues and bugs. 🏆Now enjoy the game and don't forget to give us your feedback. Thanks

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