Animash Mod APK 133 (Unlock all characters)

Animash Mod APK 133 (Unlock all characters)

Animash APK is an AI-themed game that lets you combine two animals to create a one-of-a-kind hybrid. You’ll be provided with two animals and a selection of elements for each one. You can then use the combination of elements to create the most bizarre animals you can imagine.

The game’s AI system is designed to provide the most authentic results possible. It uses complex algorithms and high-level infusion techniques to guarantee incredible results.

Even better, detailed explanations behind each animal are available. This allows you to learn more about animals’ characteristics, ensuring you have a vivid understanding of their abilities.

Lastly, Animash MOD APK 2024 features minimalistic graphics. This way, you will never struggle to decipher the game’s mechanics & features. Download Animash MOD APK new version and create your exceptional animals now.

What You Need to Know about Animash APK

Animash APK is an inventive Android game that allows players to explore a realm of creativity and imagination. Developed by Abstract Software Inc., Animash facilitates the fusion of two distinct animals to create new species.

In the Animash universe, each animal has a unique appearance, characteristics, and powers. The roster includes familiar animals like pigs, cheetahs, and puppies. It also introduces players to more whimsical creatures & even plant-related items (such as carrots and watermelons). Each of these animals brings its own intriguing set of attributes to the fusion process.

What adds to the excitement of the game is the introduction of new animals for fusion every three hours. This feature ensures that the gameplay remains fresh and engaging, constantly piquing the players’ curiosity about the next possible combinations.

The Animash APK not only serves as a delightful pastime but also as an educational tool. As players navigate the game, they learn about various animal species, their unique traits, & abilities. This interactive approach to learning makes biology enjoyable and accessible for all age groups.

In essence, Animash APK is a fascinating game that blends the thrill of discovery with the joy of creativity. Whether you are a casual gamer or a biology enthusiast, Animash APK promises a unique and engaging experience.

Detailed Gameplay Progression

This game follows a choice-based progression style with a few tweaks, as shown below:

  • Pick a Dad. When you first open the game, you’ll be presented with a selection of different animal and plant-based products. You must choose one to be your Dad in the fusion process and click NEXT to proceed. You must be careful since your choice will influence the outcome of the fusion.
  • Pick a Mom. Once you’ve chosen your Dad, you’ll be presented with a selection of Moms that are compatible with the Dad Each Mom may have special abilities or skills that will enhance the final product. Choose wisely.
  • Fuse And Wait. The fun part begins when you fuse your Dad and Mom. You must wait for the process to complete, as a unique creature is formed with every successful fusion.
  • See the Results and Wait for the Rating. Once the fusion is done, you can see your results—a brand-new creature. Depending on its stats, rareness, and other factors, you may receive awards for your creativity.
  • Save Your Creation and Unlock New Features. Once the rating process is complete, you can save your new creation in the Animash world. This way, you can access them from the Main Menu hassle-free.

As you level up and gain access to new Dads and Moms, the possibilities for unique creatures increase exponentially. Animash APK is a great way to explore your creative side.

Unique Parameters Used to Rate Animals Created

Once you create a unique creature, the app rates it based on several parameters (all ratings follow the A, B, C, D style), including:

  • This parameter defines your creature’s strength and physical abilities. It details its endurance, might, and various other abilities. Even better, it states the source (dad or mom) of its strength.
  • This rating determines how fast your creature can move, the overall agility, and attack speed.
  • How smart is your new creature? This rating defines its aptitude for problem-solving, learning ability, as well as its cunningness.
  • This rating deals with the aesthetics of your creature, ranging from color to exteriors and even its mannerisms.
  • Mystical Abilities. This parameter deals with any magical and special abilities that your creature may possess, like special elemental powers or unique attacks.

Additional Data Provided in the Results

  • General Description. This first part of the rating process describes the creature’s general look and provides a summary of its history.
  • Special Ability. Every creature you create has a special ability that makes it stand out. This includes its strength, duration, and other useful information.
  • This section provides the possible locations to find the creature. It could be subtropical climates, deep forests, or other unique locations.
  • Average Life Span. This parameter predicts the average lifespan of the creature. It helps you to understand how long your creature is likely to live and the effects of aging.
  • This describes the creature’s behavior and attitude, providing an idea of how it will interact with other creatures. Examples include social, curious, and aggressive.
  • Dietary Needs/Preferred Foods. This section provides insight into the dietary needs of your creature, including what food items it requires and how often it should eat. This will help you to keep your creature happy and healthy.

Other Exceptional Features of Animash Game MOD APK

  • Simple User Interface. This game has a clean and intuitive user interface, enabling you to easily view all the available creatures. This makes the selection process a breeze, guaranteeing an easy time for beginners.
  • Highly Diverse Characters. Contrary to the game’s name, you will not have just animals in the game. Instead, you will have other exceptional characters, including stones, bicycles, carrots, and more.
  • Realistic Visuals. Animash has stunning graphics, making the game even more enjoyable. The game brings to life the creatures you create, as they move around your screen with lifelike animations.
  • New Animals After 3 Hours. The game offers a new batch of animals every 3 hours, allowing you to keep your creatures fresh and alive. You also get the chance to individually customize each creature with unique features.
  • Unlock More Creatures. This gives you a greater chance of encountering unusual animals that are unique and fascinating.
  • Unlimited Possibilities. With Animash MOD APK for Android, you are only limited by your imagination. You can mix & match different creatures to come up with creatures you would never have thought of before.

Download Requirements and Additional Information

You need an Android device with an OS of 5.1 or higher to play the game. Also, the game requires an internet connection to load the available animals. The size of the game is not too big either, just as little as 16 MB.

Its lightweight feature makes it an ideal game to have on your device since you do not need too much storage for it. Once downloaded, you can start playing the game without registration or signing up.

Proven Tips to Play Animash MOD APK Download

  • Do not be afraid to play around & create new characters. This way, you get to explore the game’s capabilities and its various features.
  • Unlock New Animals Regularly. Keep an eye out for the new animals that are available every 3 hours. The more creatures you unlock; the more variety of combinations you can make.
  • Create Unique Characters. Every creature has different attributes that you can customize. Ensure you pick characters with rare or ultra-rare attributes to unlock special creations.
  • Be Strategic. The game can be quite challenging, especially in the higher levels. To get past these challenges, you need to plan your moves and decide when it is best to use certain abilities or animals.


Animash APK is an awesome game for anyone looking for a fun and creative outlet. It is loaded with numerous animals and characters, making it an enjoyable experience for players. With its simple controls and graphics, it is suitable for both kids and adults. Download it today and start creating unique characters!

What's new update

- Four new animals unlocked: armadillo, eel, samurai warrior, and quadcopter- 2 new supremes. Good luck finding them!

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